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.c. united last chance to advance to the mls cup. but fans have something to smile about. >> santana moss said after the redskins game, rgiii inspired. 200 yards and four touchdowns today. the skins make quite a statement returning back, telling the largest winning margin under head coach mike shanahan. rgiii running out of the tunnel with the american flag. that will tie up the crowd. you can hear the chants going. diego hall takes it off. he takes it all the way inside the 10-yard line. the skins are in business. the offense would come on and lead to this. rgiii, wide open to darrel young. later in the first again, and then again. he intercepted. but randy mann -- brandon meriweather. he later left the game with another leg injury. he said he should be good for dallas. fires steep. he actually makes the kasper it 49 yards. it gets even better. third quarter, griffin. pretty much a throws up as far as he can, and santana moss, no stranger to the deep ball. 24-1/6. 2-- 24-6. tackle into the end zone. 31-6. >> i did not second guess what my instincts were telling me as far as just being ou
against the redskins turnover abilities. santana moss was asked about overcoming that adversity because everyone remembers how he did it before. >> i forgot it was a round ball. seriously, i am not playing. i forgot. what is done is done. what can i do about it, you know what i am saying? now the to mention that, it was fun. >> they focus on the next game. the buffalo bills prove to you do not need offensive sound to win the game. it was an ugly night for miami. the bills beat the dolphins, 19 to 14. do-or-die for d.c. united. if they take on dynamo in what looks to be a sold-out game. it looks like they got some. rosario likely see the field in some capacity, a boost to an offense that has been seriously depleted by injuries. rosario of possession player, an aggressive goalseter and he is taking off. i still hear the knocks on my door every morning. again, a lot of things happen in 90 minutes of soccer. you can prepare certain ways. but you have to be ready to adapt. >> to a different football, going from linebacker to quarterback is an unusual transition, but if is a transition that s
bit? santana moss double coverage but things are going well. 61 yards. 14 of 15. redskins win. . the cows and tigers finishing with a four-game winning streak -- the towson tigers winning. no one wanted to face them in the postseason. for some reason, they were snubbed by the selection committee with a 7-4 record. the coach said the best 20 teams in the country are not paying for a trip to japan that the fact -- are not play and. the hall of fame tournament final tipoff. a three-point play within seconds. leading loyola over albany. this just in -- congratulations to nascar. w=!nño >> i want to give a shout out to the best team in the world. baltimore ravens. >> task force dragoman. a special shout out to the best football team -- the baltimore ravens. go ravens. >> serving in afghanistan saying go ravens. >> love it, love it. one last check on the weather? >> a lot of clouds in the next few days. maybe some rain south of us. and is giving day looks a great. we will make it to around 50. -- since giving it a day looks great. >> stay tuned for "ravens account ballot -- countdo
's airing it ought to santana moss. talk about faith in your receiver. double coverage and moss comes through. little long in the tooth, uh-uh. moss is still getting it done. 61-yard touchdown. griffin woof griffin would add another touchdown pass. 31-6 was the final. >> despite the score, it was still a fight out there. we just were able to make the big plays when it counted and as a team this is big for us. we all knew it. it's not time to panic, but it is time to bunker down and make sure you put your best food foort every time you step on the field. the way we played physically, offense and defense, i thought it was extremely impressive. >> rg3 completed 93% of his passes. 14 of 15. the second best game according to completion percentage by any nfl quarterback this season. guys, coming up, we'll have a lot more from here at fedexfield, including the head coach who is one happy camper today. >> i saw you tweeting that photo with rg3 coming up on redskins final tonight, and i know it wasn't a self shelf because your arms are folded. >> and i love one sports writer saying andy reid,
buying time all kind of time. santana moss double coverage and moss goes up and grabs it fights for the end zone and 61 yard touchdown and 24-6 redskins not done with the scoring fourth quarter skins adding on griffin to logan paulson. the catch and spins into the end zone and griffin completes the day 14 of 15 nearly perfect. 200 yards for touchdowns that's a career high and a perfect passer rater of 158.3. skins pound the eagles 31-6.>> you have to play the best football in the second half andously our backs are against the wall. and we had to come out with a- -and obviously our backs are against the wall and we had to come out with the best offense defense and special teams. no game is ferkt and we will learn from our mistakes but i like where we are at. >> as a team, you know this is beer beer peck text and we will learn from our mis-- per-- as a team we know this is impressive the way we played. >> and if one play probably capsulates the swings that we have had this year it's the 61 yarder. >> i think everybody in the press box you were hysterical we are watching an a you a
talked about e valuing. it includes santana moss with a concussion, jamaal brown tip and pierre garcon's foot. there is a chance they could return to action. even the franchise, robert griffin 3 needs an extra day and after being hit nine times. it's taken the fair share of lunch through 9 games and understands the frustration and says they will blame the coaching staff and that is the wrong thing to do. >> and that will say a drastic change will be made. i don't feel that way and that it's on us to go out there and play. regardless of what the coach calls special teams. we're out there playing and have to make plays happen. >> a trip to the eastern conference finals is on the line for d.c. united and visit new york. unite side coming off of a disappointing one-run draw and lost right back andy nahar in the game with the red car in the 70th minute. tonight, not only will they be without rosario, but nah ar as well. >> and i don't think that we would change much. i think from the way we changeed here at rfk, i think we stick with that and team effort we put in is fine and we have to co
iii had score ribs. he is okay. santana moss had a concussion . he is also okay. they both will play on sunday. brand an sounds opt mistake about being able to go on sunday. he would be a big boost. jamal brown is coming off hip surgery. did practice today for the first time. he's about a couple weeks out from being able to play in game action. and garson, he practiced today for the first time since october 14th. there's still pain in my foot. i'm going to have to deal with it but i will give it a go and be able to play on sunday. as for the rest of this team, mike shanahan said they came back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. but this team is 3 and 6. they are riding a three game skid and starting this sunday comes a tough division stretch beginning with the eagles and four days later, the cowboys. here is the message for the team. >> got to get ready for second half of the season. got to play best football. we had opportunities in the first half and haven't closed a couple of those games. there's no error. you have to play your best and play it until the end. >> shanahan came
about evaluation and rehabilitation. a list of redskins using the week to get healthy, santana moss, brandon meriweather, jammal brown and pierre garcon keeping their fingers crossed for a return to the game. even robert griffin, iii could use rest. the rookie has been roughed up through nine games. after sunday's game he had x- rays taken for sore ribs, but with the bumps and bruises healed griffin is looking for an improvement following the bye. he understands fans are frustrated with the start and says it's the players' job to fix it. >> people are going to criticize, the coaches and players and say a drastic change needs to be made, but i don't feel that way. i feel it's on the players to make sure we go out and play regardless of what coach calls, offense, defense or special teams. we're the ones playing. we got to make plays happen. >>> maryland hoops open the season friday against the defending national champion kentucky wildcats with help from xavier transfer des welsh who was expelled for criminal allegations but were dropped. today the ncaa approved the waiver appeal from
robert griffin to spend some time in the pocket and throws one up to santana moss. moss makes a great catch. >> whoa. >> he goes in for the 61-yard touchdown. griffin threw for four touchdowns. redskins win big 31-6. eagles have lost six straight games. that's bad, right? >> that's bad. but what's good? college football, my friends. to college football now after one of the wildest saturday nights in recent memory. we're not talking about mika's party. alabama once again controls their own road to the national championship game. can you say go. oregon prompted a major shake up in this week's bcs standings. notre dame the most overrated team in the universe. >> what the heck? >>. >> brought to you by nbc sports. top spot followed by alabama, georgia, florida, and oregon. notre dame is the third new number one team in the last three weeks. they're all but assured a spot in the national title game. after saying what i just said about notre dame, i have jinksed them all. they will win the national championship. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe", president obama calls fo
-3 on the year. he threw four td passes including this one where he hurled it as far as he could. santana moss came down with it. we end with the houston texans who had to sweat it out against the jaguars. matt schaub with the game winning touch. 14 catches and 273 yards. that's my career stat. those are your plays of the day. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you, shu. >>> still to come, hot sales for the newest video game consoles to hit the market. find out why buyers will still have to wait to play. plus, don't give up just yet. >>> good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a $10,000 reward is being offered to find a second suspect in a san jose officer-involved shooting. the two men killed an innocent bystander and wounded an officer in the violent end to a crime spree. four businesses were robbed. the bystander was killed in an attempted carjacking. one suspect is in custody. >>> a family of three was rescued off half moon bay after their boat capsized. a good samaritan plucked two people out of the chilly water. the harbor patrol brought out
have been in this position before. reeled off 4 wins against the 2007 season. santana moss was on that team. >> glad i was around for all that. i'm not playing. i forgot. i don't think about it. what's done is done . right now, what could i do about this. you know what i'm saying? it was fun going through that. >> the redskins can only hope there will be a repeat performance of those good times and begins this sunday when the eagles come to town. i'm diane roberts. >> we'll have much more on the skins/eagles prep and the latest on the injury front coming up later in sports. >> this is 9news now. >> there's only one way to solve these challenges and that is to do it together. >> president obama holds his first press conference since the election and tries to set the stage to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. as emily reports, he was pelted with questions not only with that but the sex scandal. >> i hear you have questions for me. >> at a press conference where president obama want today focus on plans for his next four years, the first question arose for the past few days. >>
add receiver santana moss is trying to bounce back from a concussion suffered against the panthers and said he felt good in practice today. >>> we hope you enjoyed today. it's over. >> today and yesterday, yesterday a little sunnier, 71 yesterday, 72 today, 53 tomorrow. >> wow. >> boom. that's a big drop. >> i mean just what causes such a drop that fast? >> this time of year sharp cold front coming through. we still have the leftover summer warmth to our south. more and more we're not going to see that, though. the cold air will start overtaking the nation. we're really seeing a big cooldown tonight, not so much yet because the front hasn't come through, but overnight into the early morning hours you'll notice that temperature. the first thong you'll notice is the rain and wind that it is coming with, too and a couple of you are getting kind of heavy rain at the moment. we'll start with sentinel radar. we have some pretty good embed downpours coming through places like -- embedded down powers coming through places like loudoun county and frederick county. we'll get you in closer to
the players to feel something. griffin had x rays taken of his ribs. santana moss suffered a concussion. two weeks to prepare for the eagles who visit on the 18th. >> i had two observations. one this morning and one last night. talk about cam newton and all this. he didn't look depressed when he ripped open his shirt. that's okay. and secondly, i'm happy to see you have your huge red skin's placard on the back of your car. >> i'm not going to rip it off. but, i was at the game. let me tell you , we the fans getting quite frustrated. no one expected miracles this year. robert griffin iii's first year. and there have been great signs of life but man, the play calling. the lack of effort on the part of some of these players, you know what, you have 16 days a year you have to show up. 16 days. that's it. there were fights. >> really? >> it's getting tense out there. it really really is. >> i had such high hopes. it's not over. >> although mike shanahan appeared to thrown in the towel. >> can i talk about one other difficulty? watching that game at home, you couldn't see what was happening. >>
yards running. 200 yards passing, 4 touchdowns. he had a great -- and santana moss' catch, i think you played it earlier. >> playing it right now. >> not only the catch, but look at the second effort. look. >> unbelievable. >> there was another touchdown where the guy was so far open and rodney harrison from "football night in america" said the defensive backs will stop running so they're not in a highlight. that's how far running they were. it was a great day. the story is, when does it end. he's done. it's just a question of went. >> when. >> it's a shame but the eagles team have lost their way. falcons came back. my falcons. had a rough week last week the election, crimson tide, and the falcons. yesterday they came back. >> when you can overcome five interceptions from your quarterback, when you can still win when he has a career worst day, you've got a team that is ready to do some special things. all the pressure is on them in january when it comes. it's mounting. it's all going to be can the falcons deliver when it counts in the playoffs. >> matt ryan having a horrible, horrible
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)